life as it should be


I am not a writer, I wish I was, especially at moments like this. There are those who have the amazing gift of transporting you to other places, bringing you to tears or imparting great knowledge with their words. Events can happen in your life, where you wish you could explain through words how amazing an experience is. My family and I are on a family trip to Jamaica, unwinding and escaping from our over scheduled life. We took part of the morning to take a snorkeling excursion on a beautiful catamaran. The day turned into this magnificent adventure that made me stop to appreciate the simple things that turn into incredible teaching moments. This healing journey that I am on whether I have chosen it through seeking more or it has chosen me, has made me more aware and conscious.

Our captain and guide, Andrew was a kind and generous Jamaican, for no other reason because he wanted to share love and experience. After taking us out to snorkel on the reef, he took us back to shore and invited us to watch the local fishermen catching red snapper, lobster and octopus. These fisherman then took us back to their tiny shacks they call home and prepared us the fresh fish they had just caught. This is how they eat everyday, from the ocean, to the land and with love. This all made me think of the healing power of food. These men, who were living in extreme poverty, without any modern essentials, are strong, lean, healthy and amazingly joyful. Their diet isn't filled with bags, boxes and bottles, but a plant based diet with fresh caught fish, grass fed cattle and free range chicken. Their fat sources primarily come from coconut. Fruits and vegetables are all locally grown and grains are a small part of their culture..

There is power in this lifestyle, living with purpose, nourishing their bodies with nutrient dense foods, connection with nature and a crazy ability to be present. All of this in it's simplicity, is one of the most profound life lessons you can follow, even if taking on one at a time. 

This magical day had so much more meaning for me than a boat ride and snorkeling. It was realizing that we move too fast, we forget to take the time to cultivate health in our lives. Try making small changes, but don't forget that nourishing your body is about mind, body and spirit. The food you choose can heal and bring balance to your body, reducing stress and living in the moment can bring joy and finding gratitude and thanks can transform. It was a good day.