not your basic grilled chicken

As the New Year begins, everyone is looking for easy, healthy dishes that taste delicious and can fit into the many new lifestyle approaches that the internet is claiming is the best new thing for your heath. This recipe fits the bill for Paleo lovers, Keto followers and Gluten free die hards! My family grills all year long, but you can enjoy this recipe roasted in the oven too. To put a different spin on the average, plain grilled chicken, I've seasoned with a spice blend called herbes de provence. This spice blend found in the Provence region of southeast France. The mixture typically contains savory, marjoram, rosemary, thyme, oregano and lavender. This wonderful blend pairs great with poultry, fish and vegetable dishes. Try it out in any new dish and let your taste buds soar!

What you will need

  • 8 chicken thighs 8 chicken legs (breasts can be used also but doesn't cook as fast. Be sure to choose high quality organic chicken)

  • butter or olive oil to coat chicken

  • sea salt

  • pepper

  • herbes de provence (I use this brand)


  • place chicken in glass blowl

  • coat with melted butter or olive oil

  • season heavily with spices

  • salt and pepper

  • grill or bake (400°F @ 40 minutes or until internal temp reaches 165°F)

Serve with roasted potatoes, and a big fresh green salad.