when you suffer from chronic illness, who supports the caretakers?


I came across this picture this morning and started thinking about the idea that, so many that struggle with chronic illness talk about what it took to walk through the fire, what they endured and how they changed their lives, but often times, the caregivers and those that hold it all together are overlooked.

My journey to healing, to shed the pain, become healthy and functional, has been long and full of challenges. I don’t often acknowledge the people who makes it possible to fight and keep fighting. When you have a chronic illness, it affects every part of life. It affects everyone in your life.

Today is Father’s Day and in honoring the man who is the Father of my children, the man that for years had to do the shopping, take care of 3 kids, work a full time job and keep his head above water. I couldn’t help think about how much his love, loyalty and dedication continues to help healing happen.

I was diagnosed with MS 3 months before my husband asked me to marry him. He didn’t waiver in his decision to spend the rest of his life with me, he loved me and that was enough. We have spent more of our lives together than not. I don’t think he thought about all of the struggles when he signed up for this and I don’t think he regrets a minute of it.

He shows up everyday, he supports, loves and makes us all giggle. He is strong, generous and loyal to a fault. He is my rock through the darkest of days. We are making the future more full of light and Gratitude, but it has been a long fight. He is not the only blessing, that keeps it all together, I have an incredible support system, but he is the beginning and the end💗and I am forever thankful, that he has never given up on me.

My Peeps that have all helped me on my journey.

My Peeps that have all helped me on my journey.