homemade ice cream cake

ice cream cake.jpg

Yep, this is a homemade ice cream cake, with real ingredients and absolutely no guilt! Well, maybe that's a little white lie, but the key here is choosing good, quality ingredients, that come with less guilt than eating something filled with preservatives, gums and chemicals. I made a few things in this delicious cake from scratch, then chose others that I felt good about eating. It is no bake and really no fuss to put together, and is the perfect Summer time dessert. I also made sure that all ingredients were gluten free. So, as I am writing this recipe for all of you to try, the kids are getting it out of the freezer. This dairy free Mama might need to take a bite, I think it might be worth it!

Ohh just a quick tip, If you are buying ice cream from the store, be sure to find brands that only use cream, milk, eggs and sugar, that is all you need to make ice cream.

What you will need

  • 9 inch spring form pan

  • 2 quarts ice cream ( I used Vanilla)

  • 1 box gluten free chocolate cookies

  • 1 cup organic chocolate chips

  • 2 cups heavy cream- split

  • 1 Tbs. maple syrup (optional)

Putting it together

  • 1 hour before putting cake together, take ice cream out of the freezer, to allow it to soften

  • In a medium sized pan, pour 1 cup cream and simmer. When cream starts slowly bubbling, not boiling, take off heat and pour in chocolate chips. Let sit for 5 minutes, then whisk until you have a smooth chocolate sauce. Put aside to cool

  • In a medium sized mixing bowl, whip heavy cream, add maple syrup to sweeten. Set aside

  • Crush chocolate cookies in a plastic baggie, using a mallet or bottle

  • Now that all of the components are finished, it's time to put the cake together!

  • Wrap the outside of the spring form pan with foil, so the ice cream won't leak through

  • Take 1 container of ice cream and layer the bottom of pan

  • Pour thin layer of chocolate sauce over first layer of ice cream

  • Quickly put pan into freezer for 20-30 minutes before moving on to next step

  • Take pan out of freezer and sprinkle with desired amout of chocolate cookies

  • Take 2nd container of ice cream and cover cookies and chocolate sauce

  • Frost the top of the cake with whipped cream

  • Drizzle with leftover chocolate sauce and cookie crumbles

  • Place finished cake back into freezer for 2 hours or overnight before serving

  • Before serving, I find it is easiest to get ice cream out of the pan by getting a hot towel and rubbing around the outside, then releasing the pan

  • Enjoy!