gluten free breakfast ideas, well and pretty style!



I get asked a lot of questions about living a gluten free lifestyle. Where do I begin? What am I going to eat? I have to give up so much that I love to eat! I won't minimize that it is a difficult life change , a shift in how you approach food completely.

Health is a journey, and making even small, consistent changes can have an impact. I will stress, that when you take gluten out of your diet, it is very important to replace many of the things you are eating with healthy, nutrient dense, whole foods. Remember you are doing this, in order to approach your health in a more responsible way. It is important to first cut out highly processed foods, so you are not replacing crackers with gluten free crackers and baked goods with packaged products. One of the hardest meals to conquer is breakfast. Here are 5 of my families favorite breakfasts. All gluten free and most definitely delicious.

Gluten free granola with blueberry compote over raw milk yogurt

Almond, coconut pancake with cashew butter, honey, bananas and cinnamon. 


  Banana muffins served with fresh cut fruit

Farm fresh scrambled eggs, organic uncured bacon and fruit of choice

Eggs over easy with homemade potato fritters