Pineapple (throwback to the 80's) cocktail party dip

Ok, I’m having fun with the title, but this Pineapple Dip is perfect for any occasion, especially when kids are involved. When the kids in my family were young, of course my Mom made this with Cool Whip and we thought it was heaven. Do they even still make Cool Whip? Gosh please don’t use that!

The take a way is, you can turn almost any dish healthier, when you use real food ingredients. This essentially takes four ingredients and voilá, you have something perfectly sweet, creamy and kid friendly.

I serve with gluten free crackers, but would pair nicely with graham crackers or pretzels. Always choose organic when possible and if your really want to go all out, you can use a fresh pineapple instead of canned.

Entertaining has never been easier!


Double if making for a big crowd, I promise it will be a hit. If by chance you have leftovers, it will stay in the fridge for up to a week and makes a great afterschool snack.

  • 1 cup organic whipping cream

  • 6 oz organic full fat cream cheese

  • 2 Tbs maple syrup

  • 1 can oranic crushed unsweetened pineapple (drained)

Make to drain all of the liquid from the pineapple, before adding to the cream mixture


  • Using a stand or electic mixer, add cream and whip until medium stiff peaks are created

  • Add softened cream cheese and incorporate, making sure there are no lumps

  • Add maple syrup

  • Fold in drained pineapple

  • Serve with desired sides

Happy Entertaining