korean beef bowls {AIP}

korean beef bowls.jpg

Quick ground beef recipes are my go to on busy nights and these Korean Beef Bowls get applause everytime! You have two options for the same recipe. You can top a bowl of white organic rice with all of the ingredients for a hearty meal or you can make a lettuce wrap for a light lunch. My favorite way to do things is…

I make extra meat, make the bowls for dinner and have lettuce wraps for lunch for a few days. It is even better reheated and you can even give it to your kids as a healthy lunch. How is that for double duty.

These flavors are so delicious together and one that I crave often. I find myself wanting to make them at least once a week. Another great tip is to make ahead, so all of the components are ready to go when hunger hits.

This recipe is for the beef component of the dish. You can use it to make rice bowls, as lettuce wraps or even filling for your favorite wrap…my favorite is Plantain tortillas.

korean beef bowl 2.JPG

I serve this with white basmati rice to bulk up the meal for all of the hungry appetites that I am feeding, along with a cabbage slaw dressed with rice vinegar and olive oil. Keeping it simple never looked so good!



  • In a medum sized skillet, brown beef

  • In a separate bowl, combine coconut aminos, coconut sugar, fish sauce and ginger and mix until sugar dissolves

  • Add liquid mixture to meat and reduce heat to low. Let liquid cook down by half and meat finish cooking.

  • Serve