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paleo honey mustard dressing

I love salads, and making my own salad dressing is a must when eating real food. Think about it, it takes minutes to make, you can pick all of your own ingredients and you get to bypass horrible oils like soybean and vegetable, along with all of those crazy items no one can say, but certainaly should not eat (can you say xantham gum, gar gum or carrageenan).

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pork spice rub {paleo,gluten free}

I have been so intrigued lately, with creating my own seasoning blends and dressings. I just find that when you can choose your own ingredients, it is not only a healthier option, but you can choose the flavors you like. Yes, it is probably more convenient to buy it already made in a bottle, but sometimes they throw in preservatives, caking agents and terrible oils, ohhh and sometimes gluten, who knew?

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