chocolate truffle hearts

With Valentine's Day around the corner this is the perfect decedent treat to make for all of your loves. This recipe is so simple and uses two ingredients. I used heart molds to make them extra special for the holiday but feel free to use a small cupcake pan with liners. It's the taste anyway right? These will freeze well for future events.

What you will need

1 (12) mini silicone heart mold. You can buy one here

1 pint organic heavy cream

1 10 oz bag of chocolate chips. I love this brand



1. In a medium saucepan, pour heavy cream and simmer until hot

2. Add bag of chocolate chips to heavy cream and turn off heat

3. Let sit without stirring for 10 minutes. You kind of want to stir but don't! It needs to melt.

4. combine mixture until silky smooth and chocolaty

5. pour into molds. If there is some chocolate sauce left, store in a glass jar in the fridge and use a chocolate sauce for ice cream!

6. Put molds in the freezer for about an hour. 

Serve with fresh raspberries