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easiest blueberry streusel muffins

Muffins are my family’s jam in the morning. A big glass of raw milk and fruit with any muffin or bread does the trick. These Blueberry Strusel muffins were so easy to pull off after coming back from a family vacation. Our flights were cancelled and we didn’t arrive back to the Tundra (haha) until late on a school night.

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grain-free chocolate chip pumpkin muffins

Pumpkin season is officially here. I just can’t jump on the bandwagon in August, so I pretend that the cold weather isn’t coming until guess what, it’s actually here!. These Grain-Free Pumpkin Muffins are great any time of year, but satisfy that Pumpkin Spice craving that everyone is going crazy for now.

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raspberry lemon muffins

These muffins offer gluten free, grain free goodness for anytime of day. I love to give them to my kids for breakfast with a smoothie or packed in there lunch for a healthy sweet treat. I use butter in this recipe but can be adapted to suit dairy free or can be adjusted to suit a Keto diet by taking out the sweetener and adding a safe substitute. 

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