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dark chocolate chunck oatmeal peanut butter cookies {gluten free}

mitation is the best form of flattery right? I did not create these amazing Dark Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Peanut Butter cookies… by the way, that is a mouthful! Laney from @lifeisbutadish did and they were too good not to share with you. What I did do was recreate them using gluten free flour and a couple tiny tweeks, to make them as amazing as the original.

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italian wedding cookies {gluten free}

Growing up these were always called Italian Wedding Cookies, but they can also be called Butterballs or Snowballs. Either way they are delicious buttery balls covered in powdered sugar and I can’t find anything wrong with that. I swapped out regulare flour for gluten free and added lots of butter so the cookies would not crumble and I could not be happier with the result.

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granola breakfast cookie {gluten free, grain free, dairy free}

The idea of a breakfast cookie blows my mind. First, who doesn't want a cookie for breakfast?; second, there are so many nutrient dense ingredients to use; and third, I can eat a complete meal without any work! Can you see me running out the door with two of these in hand? Can you say satisfied and happy?

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