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instant pot bone broth

It’s November and if your weather hasn’t turned cold yet, then you are really lucky. With Fall comes all of those fun things like flu season, damp, cold days and little to no sunlight. All of that can really take it’s toll on your body. There are many defenders to help support the immune system, but homemade bone broth is one of my favorites.

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instant pot basic chicken soup

Pressure cooking has me hooked. Last Mother’s Day my present was an Instant Pot and I’m in love. From the best hard boiled eggs ever to the fastest bone broth and all of my favorite soups, this little machine creates intense flavor and quick dinners. I am still creating and testing, but one of our favorites is this basic Chicken Soup.

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instant pot carrot ginger soup {paleo}

Every year, as Summer ends, I sit down and start creating soup ideas for Fall. Is there anything easier and more comforting that a meal in one bowl. Throw all of your ingredients in a big pot, simmer and enjoy. I took a couple steps for this baby, but it was so worth it! Full of flavor and crazy healthy ingredients like ginger and bone broth and for a extra treat I added candied pumpkin seeds for a little sweetness and crunch.

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