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honey lime grilled flank steak

Using different cuts of meat is a great decision when you are trying to go the economical route. Sure, I would always prefer a beautiful Strip Steak or Filet Mignon, but when you are feeding a family of five, that is saved for special occasions or just once in awhile. The beauty of choosing a Flank steak is, if you find a larger sized piece, you can get two dinners out of it.

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marinated chicken kabobs

Grilling season has officially arrived and throwing Kabobs together is a simple way to create a easy dinner and one that can be changed to suit anyone's tastes. I choose chicken and zucchini with onions for more flavor. Any veggie is perfect and will work depending on the flavor profile you are trying to accomplish. I marinated in our favorite homemade Italian Dressing, but anything goes with this approach.

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