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The sweet spot

At the end of every school year, I have this feeling of excitement that Summer is arriving, but also this sadness that life is moving too fast. I don't often write about my three reasons for living my best life, but I have been doing so much work on myself, on my healing that it is hard not to think about the humans that wake you up every morning. I want it all to slow down, time moves at such a rapid pace, that you don't realize that your children are actual people and your job of changing diapers, giving nightly bubbles and singing lullabies has vanished. 

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self care

Hmmm so what is self care. The definition goes something like this. Intentional actions you take to care for your physical, mental and emotional health. Taking that idea further, it's taking deliberate steps to ensure that your mind, body and soul are being nourished. 

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